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Kudos from Customers Like You - March

Apr 02, 2019 | by Angie Maher

We receive feedback from customers who use our apps, online therapy, and devices every day. Here are a few testimonials from people like you about their experience with Lingraphica.

Customer Kudos from March

“Thank you so much for everything you guys did for my patient. He is beyond thrilled to have this device and communicate more. Thank you!!” – Therapist who completed a Device Trial, 3/1/19

“Free applicable course!!! that is great!!! I am getting more and more AAC users on my caseload and need all of the information I can find— especially free information. Thank you, I will complete other courses offered as I have time.” – Therapist who completed an Online CE Course, 3/4/19

“Your excellent customer support (thanks Jen Stanley and others!) is what made the difference between my client having a device that he can actually use instead one that sits on the shelf and gathers dust.” – Therapist in a Device Trial with Client, 3/4/19

“Wonderful product, and if it's possible, even better customer service. The Lingraphica team provides CONSTANT support, guidance, and recommendations. Jen was always available and endlessly friendly. Could not speak more highly of the company!” – Therapist who completed a Device Trial, 3/6/19

“Whitney was wonderful! This product is going to help one of our patients’ who has severe aphasia to be able to communicate!” – Therapist who attended an In-service, 3/6/19

“Assistance always available, incredible customer service, amazing that they offer CEUs and are so flexible in general.” – Therapist who attended an In-service, 3/9/19

“Lindsey was very informative, and the webinar was helpful in giving me ideas for how to approach the device trial for my patient.” – Therapist who attended an In-service, 3/11/19

“Communication is a priority with Lingraphica, and the staff apply that to all customer relations. Questions are answered in a timely manner and the overall friendly demeanor makes the experience feel very smooth. I don't hesitate to contact [Lingraphica] with any questions because I know that I can count on someone to help me in some way, shape, or form, and with the least amount of frustration.” – Therapist in Device Trial with Client, 3/12/19

“Webinar was to the point and easy to understand.” – Therapist who completed an Online CE Course, 3/13/19

“The tech staff that assisted me was knowledgeable and wanted to make sure my problem was resolved prior to ending the call.” – Therapist who called for Tech Support, 3/18/19

“Great content and hands-on demos. Love that anyone can follow. Not too much technical language. Great job!” – Therapist who completed an Online CE Course, 3/19/19

“Daria was great! She was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the products and the field in general. I learned a TON about the company and hope that I can incorporate some of the products and apps in my therapy in the future.” – Therapist who attended an In-service, 3/20/19

“I've never had an interaction with a Lingraphica rep that has been less than excellent.” – Therapist who called for Tech Support, 3/21/19

“Excellent presentation, received valuable updated information. Thank you.” – Therapist who attended an In-service, 3/22/19


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