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Kudos from Customers Like You - October

Nov 06, 2018 | by Angie Maher

We receive feedback from customers who use our apps, online therapy, and devices every day. Here are a few testimonials from people like you about their experience with Lingraphica.

Customer Kudos from October

"I have always had happy, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff answer the phone and help with whatever I have needed." - SLP who completed a Device Trial, 10/27/18 

"Great material, the presentation was easy to listen to, and the information extremely beneficial to our profession. The added bonus: doing this from the privacy of my office or home at no cost. Thank you, Lingraphica!" - SLP who completed an Online CEU Course, 10/25/18 

"The apps are easy to use & very helpful w/ our current stroke survivors. We are also using them with high school students who have learning disabilities, lower cognitive functioning, receptive/expressive language delays/disorders, and auditory processing problems." - SLP who uses TalkPath Therpay with Clients, 10/24/18 

"The devices are really easy to use and the Lingraphica rep I spoke to was super helpful and friendly." - SLP who completed a Device Trial, 10/23/18 

"I like that the in-service was simple, and we were able to trial the devices. I like the different features that the SGDs have to offer (whiteboard, adding videos, animated verb icons, etc.). I will also be using the free apps more with my students, now that I know more about the features available." - SLP who completed an In-service, 10/22/18

"Amazing courses with awesome information and they happen to be free!" - SLP who completed an Online CEU Course, 10/18/18 

"Great options for patients with apraxia and aphasia!" - SLP who uses TalkPath Therapy with Clients, 10/18/18 

"It made me realize that I have a patient now that would benefit from a device." - SLP who completed an In-service, 10/18/18

"I was delighted with the quick response I got from your company. You also make it easy to get started." - SLP who completed a Device Trial, 10/15/18 

"Easily accessible, FREE CEU opportunities! Excited to learn more about AACs as well. Thank you!!!" - SLP who completed an Online CEU Course, 10/9/18 

"Quick and thorough follow up with all needs/questions. A very professional staff who communicate well as a team." - SLP who completed a Device Trial, 10/8/18

"I learned a lot from these courses. They were easy to navigate and applicable to my daily caseload. I took almost every class they have to offer and I'm planning on taking the rest soon. They even report to ASHA for you!" - SLP who completed an Online CEU Course, 10/6/18 

"It seems totally all inclusive. I love everything that is offered along with the program." - SLP who completed an In-service, 10/6/18

"The staff and representatives were extremely responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable regarding the device." - SLP who completed a Device Trial, 10/2/18

"Very user-friendly devices; very flexible for individualizing to client needs."  - SLP who completed an In-service, 10/1/18


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