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Success Story: Jo Free Finds "Freedom" 15 Years Post-Stroke



Fifteen years after a massive stroke left her with severe aphasia, Jo Free, at 82, found "freedom" with a device from Lingraphica. Here is her remarkable story of determination and discipline.

Meet Lindsey Clark: Clinical Consultant for Lingraphica!

Lindsey began her journey as a Lingraphica Clinical Consultant in May 2017. She was born and raised in Pottsville, PA, and currently resides in the small town of Centreville, MD, located on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore. Lindsey graduated from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelors in Speech/Language Pathology. She continued her studies at Towson University to earn her Masters in Speech/Language Pathology. Read on to find out a bit more about the latest addition to our clinical consultant team! 

Meet Daria Carpenito: Clinical Consultant for Lingraphica!

Daria began her journey as a Lingraphica Clinical Consultant in April 2017. She is from Westchester, NY and currently resides in Manhattan. Daria graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelors in Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences, and from Adelphi University with a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology. Read on to find out a bit more about the latest addition to our clinical consultant team!  

Welcome to Better Hearing & Speech Month and Stroke Awareness Month!

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month, and it's also Stroke Awareness Month! Read on for a few facts, resources, and ways we can raise awareness together!

Meet Lingraphica's Client Advocates!

Here at Lingraphica, we have a dedicated group of professionals who fulfill the role of Client Advocates. They work hard each day to deliver excellent customer service over the phone; answer questions from clients, caregivers, and medical professionals; and work with insurance companies to ensure that clients in need of AAC devices receive them in a timely fashion. We're pleased to introduce you to Lingraphica's Client Advocates!

Research Shows AAC Devices Improve Functional Communication – Download the eBook

Backed by more than 30 years of research, Lingraphica created an eBook that shows AAC devices improve functional communication. Read on for the science behind our products.  

Success Story: Jack Brunetti Finds a Voice After a PPA Diagnosis

When primary progressive aphasia began to steal his words, Jack Burnetti found new hope in communicating with a device from Lingraphica. Read on for his journey to successful communication.

Meet Vanessa Stocki: Clinical Consultant for Lingraphica!

Vanessa began her journey as a Lingraphica Clinical Consultant in January 2017. She is from Caracas, Venezuela and currently resides in Miami, FL. Vanessa graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelors in Communicative Disorders, and from Florida Atlantic University with a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. Read on to find out a bit more about the latest addition to our clinical consultant team!

And the Winners Are: The "Best of 2016" SLP Survey Results!

In December 2016, Lingraphica asked our SLP friends to take part in a "Best of 2016" survey to find out a few of their favorite things. Here's what they said.

ATIA 2017: Lingraphica Wrap-Up

Two members of the Lingraphica staff presented at the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) 2017 Conference in January.  Faye Stillman, MS, CCC-SLP/ATP, Continuing Education Manager, shared her findings on the topic of Establishing Virtual Connections for PWAs Using Online Communities and LPAA through a poster session; while Lisa Haynes, MS, CCC-SLP, Clinical Affairs Manager, spoke about Using Technology to Treat and Manage Chronic Aphasia.  Below is a recap of their presentations.

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