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Exploring Long-Term Improvement in People with Chronic Aphasia

Kudos from Customers Like You - June

Aphasia Cruise Tests One SLP’s Knowledge of AAC

Stroke Study: Factors Affecting Post-Stroke Social Participation

Aphasia Spotlight: Aphasia Support Group at Utah State University

Catching Up with Stroke Comeback Center

Now There Are Two Doctors in Lingraphica's House!

Join Lingraphica in Raising Awareness of Aphasia in June!

Aphasia Study: Aphasia's Impact on Use of Internet and Digital Devices

Software Update from Lingraphica: Search for Icon Images Found on Bing

Lingraphica Certification Program Celebrates First Anniversary!

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month and Stroke Awareness Month!

Aphasia Access Report on Program Effectiveness for Persons with Aphasia

Meet Jennifer Hanson: Clinical Consultant for Lingraphica!

Aphasia Spotlight: Apraxia and Aphasia Support Group - Staten Island

Kudos from Customers Like You - March

Review of Melodic Intonation Therapy Studies in Persons with Aphasia

Meet Whitney Cobas: Clinical Consultant for Lingraphica!

Managing Chronic Aphasia with 10 Principles of Neuroplasticity

Aphasia Spotlight: Blue Hen Brew Crew Aphasia Support Group

Predictive Models for Apraxia of Speech after Stroke

Se Habla Español! Lingraphica Offers First Spanish CE Course!

Aphasia Spotlight: Adler Aphasia Center's "Something Special"

Meet Kelly Cantrell: Clincial Consultant for Lingraphica!

Connecting Aphasia Support Groups!

ATIA 2019: Lingraphica Wrap-Up

What Can You Expect from a Lingraphica In-service?

Kudos from Customers Like You - January

After an Aphasia Diagnosis: 3 Keys to Better Communication

Tutorial on Brain-Computer Interfaces for AAC

Success Story: Michele Mazzoni Masters Her MiniTalk with a Familiar Stranger

Lingraphica's Tech Talk

6 Tips for Navigating the Holidays with Aphasia

Lingraphica Launches New Software Update for Family of Devices

ASHA Wrap-Up 2018

Aphasia Study: From the University of Queensland

Aphasia Spotlight: Magee Rehabilitation Hospital's Aphasia Community Support Group

Kudos from Customers Like You - October

Lingraphica's Qualities of a Good Caregiver

Aphasia Study: Noun and Verb Retrieval of Persons with Aphasia

Lingraphica Answers Your Questions in Our Knowledge Base

Success Story: Alvis Tutt Communicating Again with an AllTalk

Kudos from Customers Like You - August/September

October is AAC Awareness Month

Meet Chris Brady: Documentation Specialist for Lingraphica!

Aphasia Study: Gesture Types and Aphasia

2018 ASHA Conference Preview

It's Your Theme...Do What You Want to Do!

Kudos from Customers Like You

Lingraphica Certification Program - Our First Members!

Lingraphica AAC Devices: So What's the Difference?

Aphasia Study: Change Patterns in Constraint-induced Aphasia Therapy

Share YOUR Lingraphica Rockstars!

The Customer Experience at Lingraphica is a Top Priority

Aphasia Study: Changes in People with Aphasia Following AAC Device Training

Who Are the People Behind the Lingraphica Curtain?

The Aphasia Journey: A Guide to Understanding Aphasia and Where to Find Resources

7 Quick Tips for Communication Partners (and New Caregivers)

Meet Jennifer Stanley: Clinical Consultant for Lingraphica!

Aphasia Study: Methods Used for Training Speech Production in Persons with Aphasia

June is Aphasia Awareness Month! Don't forget to #ShareYourVoice

2018 Aphasia Awareness Month Virtual Conference

Primary Progressive Aphasia: Study on Mobile Technology

Work Out Your Words: A Fitness Class for Stroke Survivors

3 Things to Consider When Selecting an AAC Device

Aphasia Study: Practice vs. Success Patterns

New Changes to Medicare Cards!

Success Story: Robin Hintz, SLP, Gives Big Praise for SmallTalk Apps

The Joint Commission Awards Lingraphica a Gold Seal of Approval

Aphasia Article from Pittsburgh on Word Recognition

The New and Improved TalkPath Therapy!

Got Social in your Support Group?

Aphasia Spotlight: The Aphasia Conversation Lab in Texas

Aphasia Article from Germany: Neuroplasticity and Functional Recovery

2018 ATIA Recap

Tools for Your Aphasia Support Group from Lingraphica

Lingraphica Launches New Initiative for SLPs: Lingraphica Certification Program

Collaborative Study: Hallmark Rehabilitation Services and Lingraphica

Study: Benefits of Combining Online Language Therapy and Volunteer Care Extenders in Long-Term Care Facilities

New eBook - Success Stories from AAC Device Users: Vol. 2

Aphasia Spotlight: Fredericksburg Area Support Group in Virginia

Best Blogs of 2017

AAC Device Goal-Setting

U.S. Study: Rate of Aphasia Among Stroke Patients Discharged from Hospitals

Why Your Patient Isn't Using Technology

Success Story: Despite Aphasia, Butch Goodwin Lives an Independent Life

Primary Progressive Aphasia Study from Washington, DC

It's National Caregiver Awareness Month!

ASHA 2017 Wrap Up

Aphasia Study from Boston University

Aphasia Spotlight: Minnesota Connect Aphasia Now (MnCAN)

ASHA 2017 Preview

Aphasia Spotlight: Meet the Aphasia Center of West Texas

Success Story: Rosanne Knapp Uses a TouchTalk to Take On Aphasia

Aphasia Study from Argentina

Aphasia Spotlight: Voices of Hope for Aphasia - St. Petersburg

Lingraphica Staff: We are 100% SCA-Trained!

Aphasia Study from Norway

3 Tips to Help Adults with Apraxia of Speech

Supported Conversations for Adults with Aphasia: It Takes Two to Tango

Aphasia Spotlight: SCALE - Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement

12 Strategies for Successful Conversation with a Person Who Has Aphasia

Article Documents Benefits of Telerehabilitation Involving Lingraphica’s TalkPath Therapy

Six Reasons You Should Get An AAC Device Instead of an iPad

Aphasia Spotlight: Triangle Aphasia Project in North Carolina

Dr. Thomas Broussard Makes Aphasia Presentation at Lingraphica

Aphasia Study from Sweden

New Upgrades to TalkPath Therapy

Aphasia Spotlight: Meet Aphasia Treatment Program at Cal State East Bay

Bring Awareness to Aphasia in June!

Success Story: Jo Free Finds "Freedom" 15 Years Post-Stroke

Meet Lindsey Clark: Clinical Consultant for Lingraphica!

Meet Daria Carpenito: Clinical Consultant for Lingraphica!

Aphasia Spotlight: Meet the Brooks Rehabilitation Aphasia Center

My Week at ARC's Aphasia University Boot Camp

Meet Lingraphica's Client Advocates!

Research Shows AAC Devices Improve Functional Communication – Download the eBook

Aphasia Spotlight: Meet The Stroke Comeback Center

Introducing ACE

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Aphasia Spotlight: Meet the Adler Aphasia Center

Success Story: Jack Brunetti Finds a Voice After a PPA Diagnosis

Meet Vanessa Stocki: Clinical Consultant for Lingraphica!

Dr. Thomas Broussard: A Special Guest Vlog on Neuroplasticity

And the Winners Are: The "Best of 2016" SLP Survey Results!

ATIA 2017: Lingraphica Wrap-Up

Using Online Tools in a Functional Maintenance Program

1 Million Downloads: Our Mission to Help is Growing!

Meet Faye Stillman: Lingraphica's Continuing Education Manager

New Year, New Free CEU Opportunities!

Helping Caregivers Navigate the Holidays

ASHA 2016 Recap

Meet our Clinical Consultant and Aphasia Advocate, Brianne Kosch

4 Benefits to Incorporating Whiteboards into Your Therapy

ASHA 2016 – Welcome to Philly!

Meet Our Clinical Consultant, Shawnise Carter!

New CE Course Offering from Lingraphica

SLP's Guide to Philly – ASHA 2016

Meet Our Clinical Consultant, Matthew Tisdale!

Just Say "No" to Plateau

Spanish AAC Devices Are Here!

Introducing the New

10 Language and Cognitive Exercises You Should Know About Now!

Meet our Clinical Consultant Kate Diehl!

All New AAC Device Features: Spanish Language Devices Are Now Available!

Meet Our Clinical Consultant, Amanda Gunn!

8 Ways to Use TalkPath News in Your Therapy Plans

Better Hearing and Speech Month: The Role of a Speech Language Pathologist

Things I Learned From Practicing Telepractice

Using an AAC Device to Talk About Interests

How to Voice Bank Your Client’s Voice On An AAC Device

5 Strategies for Incorporating AAC into your Practice

Why We Need Free Speech Therapy Apps

Update: Face-to-Face Regulations for Speech-Generating Devices

Meet Our Clinical Consultant and Speech Language Pathologist, Faye Stillman

New Study Shows Adults With Chronic Aphasia Improve With Teletherapy

Extra, Extra! Read all about TalkPath News!

Your News, Your Way: TalkPath News Joins Google Play and the App Store!

Meet Our Senior Clinical Consultant and Speech Language Pathologist, Audi Cathcart

Meet Our Clinical Consultant and Speech Language Pathologist, Caitlin Mueller

Social Media for SLPs: What You Need To Know

Data-Driven Therapy: See TalkPath Therapy's New Reports Feature

5 Strategies for Overcoming a Disengaged Client in Speech Therapy

Meet Our ALL NEW Communication Devices

ASHA 2015: A Recap of the ASHA Convention

Four Fun Things To Know About Lingraphica's ASHA Partner, YappGuru

The Steve Gleason Act: How it Impacts AAC Users

Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Key points, backed by research, to put your mind at ease about AAC

SmallTalk Conversational Phrases In Spanish Is Here!

Year in Review: Looking Back at 2014

The AllTalk Speech-Generating Device with Eye Gaze Technology Is Here

No Fear Here: Why An AAC Device Is Not To Be Feared

When Coffee and Augmentative and Alternative Communication Come Together

For SLPs: 10 Quick Tips about Apps

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