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Exploring Long-Term Improvement in People with Chronic Aphasia

Researchers from the University of South Carolina conducted analyses of data on persons with chronic aphasia (PWA.chr), individuals for whom the period of spontaneous recovery following stroke had elapsed.  The purpose of this study was longitudinally to characterize changes in severity of language involvement among PWA.chr, with an eye to identifying demographic and/or health factors that may improve prognoses regarding such changes.

Kudos from Customers Like You - June

We receive feedback from customers who use our apps, online therapy, and devices every day. Here are a few testimonials from people like you about their experience with Lingraphica.

Aphasia Cruise Tests One SLP’s Knowledge of AAC

Here are key takeaways from a newly-certified Lingraphica specialist as she reflects on how best to serve people with Aphasia using AAC devices. 

Stroke Study: Factors Affecting Post-Stroke Social Participation

Lingraphica Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Steele, summarizes the results of research from rehabilitation specialists from the MGH Institute of Health Professions (Boston, MA) and Washington University (St. Louis, MO) who have published research on stroke survivors—including persons with aphasia (PWA) as well as persons without aphasia (Pw/oA)—to identify factors that significantly affect post-stroke social participation.

Aphasia Spotlight: Aphasia Support Group at Utah State University


Dealing with aphasia can be a long, hard road for many. Thankfully, there are organizations dedicated to helping and supporting that journey. Meet the Utah State University Aphasia Support Group and the services it provides to people who have aphasia.

Join Lingraphica in Raising Awareness of Aphasia in June!

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month. Join us as we raise awareness of this communication disorder that affects 34% of stroke survivors, yet is little-known and often misunderstood.

Aphasia Study: Aphasia's Impact on Use of Internet and Digital Devices

Lingraphica Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Steele, summarizes the results of a survey from aphasia researchers from Queen Margaret University and Newcastle University that assessed aphasia's impact on uses of the internet and associated digital devices. The goal of the study was to expand current understandings of advanced technologies' patterns of use by persons with aphasia (PWA), the circumstances and goals of such uses, and users' perceptions of the benefits and challenges.

Software Update from Lingraphica: Search for Icon Images Found on Bing

Lingraphica proudly announces our latest update to our device software! Find out what new feature we've brought to the AllTalk, TouchTalk, and MiniTalk.

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month and Stroke Awareness Month!

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month, and it's also Stroke Awareness Month! Read on for a few facts, resources, and ways we can raise awareness together!

Aphasia Access Report on Program Effectiveness for Persons with Aphasia

Lingraphica Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Steele, summarizes the work of the Education and Research Committee of Aphasia Access, who published a report of responses to a questionnaire that they developed to understand how programs for persons with aphasia (PWA) track effectiveness. 

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