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Caitlin Mueller, MS, CCC-SLP

Recent Posts

Aphasia Cruise Tests One SLP’s Knowledge of AAC

Here are key takeaways from a newly-certified Lingraphica specialist as she reflects on how best to serve people with Aphasia using AAC devices. 

Lingraphica Certification Program Celebrates First Anniversary!

In April of 2018, Lingraphica announced a new program for speech-language pathologists seeking advanced training and knowledge on all of Lingraphica’s technologies: The Lingraphica Certification Program.

How to Voice Bank Your Client’s Voice On An AAC Device

Speech synthesis has come a long way since its early days of monotone voices and mispronounced words. Today’s synthetic voices, utilized in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices, have appropriate inflection, a variety of accents, and excellent pronunciation. Combined with using recordings from voice actors, a speech-generating device today has a very human feel to it. With these advancements, is it worthwhile to pursue “voice banking” – recording a patient’s own voice, creating a “bank” of words and phrases – for use in an AAC device? Here are some common questions and answers about voice banking.

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